Creating a Vision Board

Jan 15, 2023 | Tips & Tricks

Every January, I get together with my design group and create a vision board. A vision board is a physical representation of hopes and dreams for the upcoming year. Some say it’s a manifestation. Manifestation sounds like a “woo-woo, if I put it out in the universe it will happen” idea, but it’s not that. It’s about seeing what you want, being inspired by the images you’ve chosen and taking action – sometimes daily, to move forward toward those hopes and dreams. When I sit down at my desk every day with a list of to-dos that never seems to get any shorter, I look at my vision board and am reminded of what I really want in this year, in this life. And sometimes it will steer my to-do list in a different direction.
Blog | Creating a Vision Board

There are many ways you can create a vision board. Throughout the year, any time I see a beautiful image in a magazine – a gorgeous interior space, a photo of an exotic locale I’d like to explore, words that inspire me – I tear it out and file it. By the end of the year, I have more than enough scraps of paper to fill five vision boards, but I will edit it down to a few concepts. Last year my board was filled with travel, the outdoors and health. One of my designer friends has a separate board for work and personal goals. I put them all on one. Some people use large poster boards, but I prefer a small, very edited piece I can keep on my desk. I’ve heard of people using different quadrants for different areas of their life. There are no rules!

If you prefer to make a digital vision board, there are all kinds of online versions, but I really think the physical making of the collage is worth taking the extra time. As an added benefit, a vision board is beautiful. Mine is clipped to a cognac leather clipboard along with an origami crane. Near it, a vintage brass tray, fresh flowers and a candle and some crystals complete the tableau.

Gather supplies for your vision board project
Gather materials for your vision board.

One of the work-related pieces on my vision board from 2022 was to design a home in Montana. Did that happen? No, unfortunately it did not. But I was fortunate enough to interview for a project in Montana and during that process I found lots of interesting artists and design resources that would easily transition to a cool home anywhere in a natural setting. Want to design a house in Montana, Colorado, or Michigan with me? I’ve already gotten a head start!

Supplies for a vision boarding session.

Another item on my vision board from 2022 was a B2 symbol from the Goethe Institut. B2 essentially means you can speak German fluently and understand many situations you will find yourself in. Did I achieve this? No, I did not. BUT I took classes all year and was able to spend an entire day in Germany conversing with family friends who did not speak English. It was amazing!

Other items on my 2022 vision board DID happen – I ate well, I spent a lot of time outside, I wrote, and yes, I did stuff my face with bratwurst and wash it down with mugs of spiced glühwein.